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We really are just part of a big system.
The entire natural ecosystem that we live in is also inside of us. Each of the elements of our world literally makes up each cell and muscle and organ of who we are and determines our function, influencing how we behave, think and feel.


Living in harmony with this greater nature, we can enjoy health and wellbeing in every area of our lives.  It's when we're not in that harmony when we see and feel the disturbances. Are you fatigued, having reoccuring infections, lack of focus or motivation? Maybe youve lost sight of what you need to get back to harmony, with yourself and your health.

And yet, somewhere you've heard and responded to some instinct to truly nourish yourself - because you are here!

Let's begin our journey with a thorough chat about who you are, and how you got here. Before determining a treatment plan, we will use clinical functional medicine investigations to more accurately understand your body's deeper biochemical processes. And yet as much as these are necessary and valuable, I’ve never actually found someone at the end of a microscope! We need to understand who you are as a whole person with your unique life and journey. In doing so, we begin to appreciate what will really nourish not just your body, but your life. 

After over 25 years working with people in healthcare, and from my own journey, I am certain that by aligning to the natural world and the elemental nature within ourselves again, our life flows with greater ease. This is not purely a scientific investigation or equation. It is the art of discovering, nourishing and becoming who you really are. This is the Art of Health. 

Have a look below at my approach and the process we would go through. Of course, for each person its unique.
On that note, I prefer to speak with someone before they attend to make sure we're a good fit. Maybe there's someone better who I can recommend for you- I have some amazing practitioners in my network, both orthodox and complementary. Bottom line: I'm here to help. Drop me an email and let's arrange to connect via phone or skype. I work with people around the world, its a small place really, we're all neighbors- drop by, say hello, join me for a cup of tea and a chat. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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+44 (0)20 7700 3079                                                

The Approach

This approach works very well alongside orthodox and other complementary practices and will actually support their actions. This is a process that supports positive alignment of your behaviour and chemistry toward a sustainable healthy life and lifestyle. As much as the world would have you believe there's a quick fix around the next corner, there is no such thing. This is not a quick fix.

The Art of Health is a system that catalyses and supports the creation of health rather than managing symptoms of dis-ease.

As human beings we operate on a wide spectrum extending from physical mechanics, chemical interactions and electrical cell communication to the finest expressions of the very subtle electromagnetic field. This work heralds this knowledge by supporting the innate natural creative impetus for optimal health and wellbeing.   

It is precisely because of the unique biochemical nature of each person that each programme is individual. There are, however, three main applications

1. Rebalance chemistry and positive genetic expression through appropriate clincial evaluation, application of diet, supplementation and if necessary, detoxification.

2. Realign structure, skeletal, muscular and /or neurological with non invasive manipulations.

3. Reconnect to natural well being using counselling and creativity, natural remedies, energy and breath work. Necessary evaluations include the use of functional laboratory investigations alongside neuromuscular response testing and general psychological profiling to gain a more accurate aggregate picture of how your whole system is operating.

The Process

We treat people not just a collection of symptoms. It’s important to understand who you are and how you arrived at this point in time with these symptoms. We spend time on the ‘front end’ gathering information that help provide a clear understanding of the core imbalance and any subsequent responses to that imbalance and how it has developed. The process of individualised assessment and treatment requires a minimum commitment of

6 sessions over 3- 4 months. To enact a fundamental change that lasts can take a minimum of 6- 9 months. Chronic and longstanding complaints require timescales unique to the individual. No one person is the same.

First session We begin assessment through the use of the questionnaire, interview and discussion. From here we begin to hold overview of what needs to be investigated more clinically and some general first steps can be provided. Two baselines clinical lab tests are required for each new patient: a Full Blood Profile which is then reviewed within optimal functional parameters rather than traditional orthodox ranges, and, The Essential Fatty Metabolism Analysis. These are done at local London laboratories. Depending on individual needs other investigations may be required.

Second session We review the diet more closely with regard to suggested changes and we begin the neuromuscular testing to get an understanding of your individual parameters of tolerance, strength or weakness.

Third session We review lab results, continue with dietary review and finalise the neuromuscular testing. From here we have hopefully gathered adequate and appropriate data to go away and design your Initial programme. This programme includes personalised therapeutic food and drink recommendations, food categories to include or exclude, naturopathic interventions and other lifestyle recommendations relevant to the person and their outcomes. This is emailed through to the patient, and is billed separately. The length of a programme is dependant on presenting complaints, your constitution and your response to treatment as we go along. For fundamental change expect to commit for a minimum of 6- 9 months. 


Fourth session. Within 3- 4 weeks of starting the programme, we review and refine, plus neuromuscularly evaluate the effect of the programme and make any necessary adjustments to refine and support on every level.

Fifth and Sixth sessions and treatment reviews can vary from three to six to eight weeks to ensure efficacy and take account of any changes that may disrupt the momentum for change.  Progress is measured by meeting set objectives together with improved neuro muscular responses, positive clinical laboratory reviews, the subsidence of negative physical/mental symptoms, your own experience of positive overall wellbeing and just greater ease while carrying out your personal and professional activities.